Geocoding made easy.

Pitney Bowes® world-class geocoding is now available as an easy-to-use, scalable web application. MapMarkerTM online converts addresses to coordinates with accuracy and speed for improved mapping and location intelligence.

Take the guesswork out of geocoding

Let 100 years of Pitney Bowes® addressing expertise work for you. Frequent data updates, a straightforward application, and scalability delivers accurate location information at lightning speed.

Easy to use

MapMarkerTM online delivers a streamlined process for data upload and selection of accuracy-based geocode matching options, data output selections, and download formats that give you flexibility and confidence in your geocoding jobs.

Enterprise geocoding at your fingertips

Built on our award-winning, cloud-based API's MapMarkerTM online brings speed, accuracy, and scalable enterprise level location intelligence to businesses of any size.

MapMarker pricing plans

Free Trial

2,500 Geocodes
Try our Geocoding service with up to 2,500 geocodes for 14 days.

Pay as you go 5k

5,000 Geocodes per month
5k minimum plus overages
Our low-cost basic plan gives you 5,000 geocodes for $50 a month.


300,000 Geocodes per quarter
Annual Commitment
10% discount!
300k minimum plus overages
Our discounted annual plan gives you 300,000 geocodes for $2,700 a quarter.


100,000+ Geocodes per month
Monthly or Annually
20%+ discount based on volume!
Ideal for heavy Geocoding use.
Get special savings and incentives.


Lisa Funken

I like using the online version of MapMarker because it seems to be more accurate which, for me, is the most important.

Companies that use MapMarker